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Merricks General Store
Address: 3458-3460 Frankston Flinders Road
Merricks, Vic 3916
Phone: 03 5989 8088
Website: www.merricksgeneralstore.com.au
Comments: Wonderful country vibe with deck in the summer & fire for the winter. Great for lunch.
Address: 33 Shoreham Rd
Red Hill South, Vic 3937 (Mel Ref: 256 B2)
Phone: 03 5989 8412
Website: www.montalto.com.au
Comments: Gorgeous Restaurant with great sculptures & views over the vines, or
picnic in the grounds or chill out at the café.
Ten Minutes by Tractor
Address: 1333 Mornington flinders Road
Main Ridge, Vic 3928
Phone: 03 5989 6080
Website: www.tenminutesbytractor.com.au
Comments: None
T Gallant
Address: 1385 Mornington Flinders Rd
Main Ridge, Vic 3928 (Mel Ref: 190 E12)
Phone: 03 5989 6565
Website: www.tgallant.com.au
Comments: Where the locals go for lunch for a bit of rustic charm. The wines are incredibly original & inspiring.
Pier 10
Address: 10 Shorham Rd
Shoreham, Vic (Mel Ref: 256 E5)
Phone: 03 5989 8848
Website: www.pier10.com.au
Comments: The locals go here to & spill out onto the decking over the vineyards.


Long Table
Address: 6-8, No. 159 shoreham Road
Red Hill South, Vic (Mel Ref: 191 B7)
Phone: 03 5989 2326
Website: www.thelongtable.com.au
Comments: This restaurant is not a winery, but we all live their. The food, wine list & service are just brilliant.
La Pétanque
Address: 1208 Mornington Flinders Rd,
Main Ridge, Vic 3928 (Mel Ref: 190 D8)
Phone: 03 5931 0155
Website: None
Comments: Very good south of France cuisine with the added bonus of a shop full of goodies for you & your home.


Peninsula Hot Springs
Address: Springs Lane (formerly Devonport Drive)
Rye, Vic 3941 (Mel Ref: 252 A2)
Phone: 03 5950 8777
Website: www.peninsulahotsprings.com
Comments: Amazing.

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Plenty of Galleries
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